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Leaning In to the Darkness

I often see that when the Earth grows quiet, dark and still, our inner-chatter grows louder and we busy ourselves more incessantly. As a culture I've noticed this year after year. And now, on top of the usual "Holiday" craze, there's a pandemic, political anxiety, and oh so much that's in need of attention and healing.

It feels like there’s endless list of things we could be doing in any given moment to help the world. For me it feels like an overwhelming pressure to continue to act, do, make better.

And yet. If we continue to move from this place we will inevitably run ourselves into the ground. We will be creating a new world based on the same unsustainable energies that have caused so much harm on our bodies and the Earth for centuries.

It's so so important that we give ourselves permission to stop. To reset. To rest. It is when we give ourselves the space of non-doing that we crack open the door for the creative life-force to move through.

These moments where nothing is “happening,” but we're tuned in to a wider sense of reality, we can feel a sense of connection that is so replenishing for our soul.

These soul-plenishments happen solely from being aware of the movement of life in and through your own experience. How you cross and weave and merge with other streams of life, and the wider force animating all things.

These moments of grace are barely speakable, but they’re reflected in the state of mind and being that exudes out in all interactions and actions afterwards: a sense of interwoven connection, an ease about your body, a general sense that all is ok.

The way we hold ourselves after these moments of connection ripple out to literally change the world for the better. As we move from a place of embodiment and understanding, this energy impacts everything and everyone we encounter.

Yes we need action. And yes we need bouts of non-action to receive and tend and fill. These dark months beg for more of the latter. Give yourself this gift. If even the smallest moments of respite.

I’m here cheering on your bouts of rest this season 💛


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