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Practicing Embodiment with the Plants

Right now in the Golden Stone Wisdom School we are practicing embodiment.

Practicing the delicate art of allowing our bodies to express what’s long been held inside. To allow their wisdom to move us, to make noise through us, and really allow the body (which is our unconscious mind) to lead the way, and soften some of what it’s been holding.

The beauty (and challenge) of the body’s intelligence is that it can store things deep within it for when we are ready to see and work with them. This is a gift because our conscious mind can only hold so much at one moment. Sometimes we don't have the capacity or the time to process an emotion or event. And gosh, how useful is it that our body says, "ok we will store that here, in the tissue, until you are ready."

Of course this becomes a challenge because not many of us were taught how to re-visit and allow these moments to be felt. So they often linger, fester, and turn into stiffness, pain, anxiety, dis-ease, or dis-harmony if not expressed.

When we intentionally become embodied, we encounter what has been stored in the the unconscious mind/body. We invite what has been hiding for safe-keeping to emerge. And we practice meeting ourselves with presence, compassion, and curiosity.

Right now, there is SO much to feel. It's nearly impossible to be able to allow ourselves to fully feel the gravity of the state of the world without completely going numb or shutting down. It's truly a gift that our brains and bodies can allow us to self-pace. To let us take time processing when we feel resourced or able.

This is not necessarily an easy nor always gentle process. It can take time to simply coax our consciousness into our body, let alone then learn how to decipher messages and follow means of safe expression.

But the key is to actually give yourself the time and space when you can to practice coming back to your body and inviting yourself to feel, to move, to make sound, to let emotion be felt and energy be released.

Give yourself even 5 minutes each evening to let yourself feel the day. Play a song to dance to, or simply let your body move and make noise. Follow what emotions may come, and allow them to express.

What has been interesting to me is that over the years of my exploration of embodiment, the plants have been some of my biggest teachers. They themselves, fully embody their beingness. And they help us understand what it means to embody ourselves.

They’ve helped me excavate my inner realms while feeling safe and held.

They’ve helped me unlock parts of my power that were buried and hidden.

They’ve helped me find stored grief and anger to liberate it into pure energy.

They’ve helped me find joy and access my pleasure.

They’ve helped me re-pattern memory, and show me patterns in myself I wasn’t aware of.

They’ve brought me so much clarity about how I carry myself in the world.

They help us find the pathways in to ourselves.

This time of year is incredibly supportive for deep healing work with plant spirits.

It is my absolute favorite time of year to sit at my altar, take a few drops of plant medicine, and be taken on a journey of healing and insight.

Right now, as the outer mantle dies back and the spiritual aspect of the Earth rises, we can hear the voices of the ancestors and the unseen realms more keenly now.

The spiritual plane of the plants rises as the physical retracts.

Their voices become loud as the external chatter diminishes.

Do you want to learn how to listen to them? To see where inside yourself they want to lead you?

Do you want to connect with the vast healing matrixes the plants provide that can shift your own energetic blueprint internally?

If this speaks to you, and you want to move through intentional healing journeys with six powerful plants, join me for 6 weeks of plant spirit healing in Call Into Darkness: Deepening Plant Allyship. This program always runs from early November through Winter Solstice, the darkest 6 weeks of the year.


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